I get it now. I get what this virtual world is all about. For me. It has nothing to do with what others think or want to think about me. It is not a narcissistic space/world/dimension. I know I am a Who on a speck of dust on a clover being protected by a big elephant named Horton.

I have no interest in inspiring anyone. I have no interest in changing anyone. I have no interest in proving anything to anyone. If I happen to inspire. *oops* If someone chooses to change something. *double oops* If I prove anything of any kind. *oops, I did it again.* But none of those are my intent.

I do act with intent. this blog, facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, etc are all intentional for me. And they all have a place. This space is where I can empty my head. Not your head. I don’t especially care what is in your head. But mine is full. I need to empty my head.

And so it goes. More emptying of educationists-gone-awry, fermentation-gone-freaky, how-much-i-love-my-Husband, how-much-I-love-my-family, and a whole lot of life-is-a-series-of-choices. This is a choice for me.

No pattern, just emptying my head.