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{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Share your moment here and look for others at SouleMama.


Sunday is a day of rest that does not often seem restful. We could truly do nothing but rest today and we may only rest. Or we may plan and dream a bit, too.


National monuments/parks/things/spaces are owned by the nation. We are the nation. Go enjoy them! You do not need permission to enjoy what is yours.

I am sitting here thinking and listening, to an Allman Bros tribute band at the Fat Frogg. On a Wednesday. Night.

Relax. I say to myself.

Trust. I say to myself.

It is. I say to myself.

I have faith. All will be well.

Be well. Be on. Heal gently.

Be quiet.

Sit down.

“This brand new Chevy with a lift kit would look a whole lot better with you up in it … Let’s go get it stuck.”

~ Florida Georgia Line


I trust the Easter Story.

You can, too.

I believe in freedom of and freedom from coercion of any and all kind. I believe in voluntary relationships. Not all people do, not even those who represent commonly believed freedoms such as second amendment groups, home midwifery groups, and home education groups. Many of those groups are really only creating “entangled alliances” (thanks, Bonnie!).

If you believe in freedom of and from education in North Carolina or elsewhere, I encourage you to follow the North Carolinians for Home Education facebook page. Specifically the post about the NC House passing House Bill 230 – Amend the definition of a home school on Wednesday, March 20.

Take your time. Read the comments. All 70+. You’ll see a healthy dose of many perspectives on HB230 and home education and liberty philosophy in general. Read the comments again. And know that NCHE has chosen to censor the discussion by removing comments the organization did not like, none of which thus far have contained vulgar language nor personal attacks.

And read them again. This is important stuff. All rights, all natural rights originate in the individual. Not the state.

Is it any wonder this time of life sucks? In general, that is.

Girls are on the brink, learning to accept, and adjusting to the realities of menstruation, sore breasts. acne, and deep moments of sorrow followed by ridiculous highs of joy.

Boys are trying to figure out unexpected and misunderstood erections, unbridled desire to see any female naked, and random moments of rage.

Is it any wonder that middle school is hell? Really? I see what I see here in my own home and am grateful to share and guide through the moments of mean girls and the broken drywall. What must it be like for the children who are cast into the government prisons to negotiate with their fellow thugs?

I am grateful.

I am opposed to the following local legistation:

NC Senate Bill 189 – I am all for complete freedom of and from education. Further definition, however, simply opens a door for further regulation.

NC House Bill 144 – I do not want a tax credit from the government because I home school. Such a credit acknowledges the state’s ability to regulate education. The state has no role in the personal choices of individuals. Not to even begin the discussion of the illegalities of income tax…

NC House Bill 235 – I am wholly opposed to any compulsory education. All relationships should be voluntary. Additionally, raising the compulsory education age to 18 will only cost more money and harm more young people who are wiser than their peers and “educators” and know it’s time to act like an adult and work.

NC House Bill 230 – Same as SB 189. It is not the responsibility of the state to define education in any location.

NC House Bill 228 – Why homeschool if you want public school? Either choose government school and all its non-government responsibilities, including athletics, or don’t choose government. Stand up for something in whole.

You can look these bills up for yourself. Or you can hop on whatever bus requires least of you…HSLDA, NCHE, mine. When I look you in the eyes and ask you why you have a right to dictate my family’s choices? Don’t be surprised.