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moving toward another trip around the Sun

Sawyer is 9. Nine. Last single digit. I am grateful to be his Mama.

oh yeah. just right following “labor” day.

The first step to recognizing my innate freedom was to first acknowledge that government may only exist through force. All governments exist only by way of force, coercion.

Obviously the “government,” federal, state, and local only exists through force. Government can only operate with taxation and taxation is force. I cannot choose to give or not give to government, rather I am forced via theft – the mandatory at gunpoint – to support government. If I do not pay my taxes, armed guards will visit me. If I refuse to leave with them, they will terrorize me with a raid and/or smoke me out. If, when captured, I resist, they will shoot me. All taxation is immoral for this single fact – I pay or I die.

What was not so obvious to me initially is that a family government is also coercive. Yes. I try to peacefully parent. I do better some days than others. But there is still coercion, force. If my child has an unsafe room, she will not go to her friend’s. If my son does not process his plate, he will not get a fresh one with fresh food. If an animal is not cared for, the pet is repossessed. All of these are coercion.

What makes universal government and family government different? Contracts.

A contract is, by definition, a binding contract between two persons, entities. I have no contract with the US government, with the NC government, with the AC government. I have not signed nor been in negotiation with any of those entities. The “Social Contract” is an empty concept. (Click on that little colored link to read a very clear and logical expression of such.)

In our home, we do negotiate contracts.

Want to see a friend? I will drive you when your room is no longer a safety hazard. The child can agree or not agree to the contract or negotiate further to the definition of “safety hazard.”

Want to be served the next meal? The child can agree or not agree to the contract or negotiate further his menu options and hunger.

Want a pet? The child can agree or not agree to the contract or negotiate further her responsibilities to the pet.

The child has choices.

My Husband and I negotiate contracts. He wants to see bands on Friday and Saturday. I only want to be out one day. I can negotiate to suit what my needs are while still respecting his wants.

I have no choices with universal government. None. Even if I vote and select an individual who may or may not win the election, I am still taxed without choice because government cannot exist without taxation and taxation is theft – I have no say in the amount, the timing, the direction of the funds.

So, the first step to acknowledging and applying my innate freedom was to recognize that all government is immoral, even within our home. I do what I can to mitigate that immorality in my home, however, because I can choose to acknowledge my children’s innate freedom as well and respect their humanity by allowing them to make most of their own choices.

I have had interesting exchanges with various people of late, all beginning with a conversation about the Common Core Standards or the state legislation redefining home education in NC. I am sharing a few such responses now. They are not perfect. Autocorrect took the helm too many times and too many times I did not catch the errors it left. Or chose not to re-read what I wrote. One was written entirely too late into the night, in fact. I have taken out individual names, but left organizations and locations. I am intentionally not including the other people’s original emails. I can legally do so since the letters were written to me. However, I choose not to.


I have pondered much on this email today. Thank you for taking the time to write.

Your support of the CCS as a facilitator desiring to correlate does support public education. Public education is a coercive act. It is an aggressive act. in fact, so aggressive, it is widely accepted that public education violates the non-aggression principle. It’s funding is through taxation in which I have no choice – coercion. If I do not pay my taxes, armed “servants” will greet me at my home. If I refuse to come out, they will violate my private property and retrieve me with force and that force includes guns, pointed at my head in a standard shoot-to-kill stance. I am not making this up. This is fact.

Just as it is a fact that all government requires hunger for power lest there be no government. Government assumes that you and I are not capable of determining how to manage ourselves amongst this difference. I believe we are capable.

I do not care how you parent (education is a part of parenting to me). I am under no moral obligation to support you. But you become morally obligated to give me a good return for my good payment when you choose to take from the government till. While your children may be in an elite, private setting, you are supporting and promoting a public program in which I own a piece of the till.

Having had at length discussion with board members and having attended a board meeting (and others I hope as my evenings allow) I am aware that the board is not wholly leftist. It is, however, by definition statist. It also suggests an even-handed employment of that statism. It is not even-handed. Only those with non-statist, or in simpleton’s language “conservative” views have been hand-slapped in my time in CHH. Well, minus the harmonica playing vagina, but that was just funny, in the long run.

I do not believe in government. I do believe in the good, naturally peaceful free will of people to look after themselves. Yet, I choose to accept that this is not the community in which I choose to live. So I choose to simply point out the errors in the logic of such faux-tolerance. Life is a series of choices, after all.

But really, none of the above really bothers me, because I see no need to like nor dislike you. I don’t really care about you. You are just another person on the planet that I do not know. Another brick in the wall…

What does bother me is that you assume you know me. Well assume and you make an ass out of you and me. Who am I? I am a lovingly devoted wife and mother. I am a loyal friend. I am a fun person. So much fun, in fact, that autocorrect steadily changes “Patty” to “Party.” And I am a believer in people. I believe people, when left alone to make decisions for ourselves, make the most of ourselves. I hope this little note helps you understand a bit more about me.

If you are interested in details from the CCS source documents or the CCS source documents themselves, I will be happy to direct you.

With less interest than when I began this note,

(this is a response to [Friend’s] response to the above:


Thank you for your reply. You ask a lot of questions about liberty. No, I do not think the government has a role in roads, prisons, fire, police, schools, etc. I believe communities (think Chapel Hill, Efland, Burlington) can make these choices as communities. If they want. Or not if they don’t. I also believe in the ability of individuals to choose where they want to live. However, with a federal and state government in my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, backyard, and vehicle, there is no where I can go and be untouched by government. Not in this country. Yet I can choose to be where my physical needs are balanced with my philosophical core. Anyone can.

If you are interested in concepts of liberty, I can direct you to some easy to read sources. But I will not give you the answers. If it is worth your interest, you will seek it yourself. Know this, as a community, a county, a state, a country, we did not have these “services” and we did just fine. It is an attitude of entitlement that creates the need (want, in my books) now. There is no true need. There is also no true responsibility.

My family is a member of several homeschooling groups. I fact, six groups. CHH is the only one with a board. The.Only.One. In the other groups, individuals make decisions and communicate them to the community of that group. If something requires money, individuals pay for it or prepare a personal budget to make it happen. If people argue or something inappropriate is posted, the individuals work it out or the community pulls it back into check.

An example of self-managed activity is the Homeschool Fall Formal myself and four other homeschool moms are planning. We are not doing this as part of or on behalf of any homeschooling group. We are doing it because it is something we want for our children and therefore we are making it happen. We, as individuals, decided to cooperate, make estimations, develop a budget, and so on. This is no different than the Not-Back-to-school swim party. In fact, the budget for the dance is at least 10 times greater, yet requires no board nor any designated “leader.”

We do the same in each of our other homeschooling groups. We just throw it out there. And those groups and equally as mixed with “conservatives” and “liberals.” Oh how I have come to despise those, and most other labels. I have yet to have any such issues in the groups to which I belong without a board. I founded none of those groups.

And lastly, no contribution is charitable when it is made by force. When I choose to give money or resources to a local food bank, that is charity. When I choose to give money or time to St. Jude’s, that is charity. When my husband flies a cancer patient to Mayo Clinic pro bono, that is charity. Taxation is coercion. By definition it is not charitable. I make no choices regarding the spending of the funds.

Please stop admonishing me. I do not need a parent. I will choose to communicate how I want. I wear BIG, BIG big girl panties. I choose, with intent and thought, how I respond to the few post on CHH to which I respond.

Again, if you are interested in learning about liberty or the CCS, I am happy to direct you to sources.

Enjoy the day,


(to a different individual who feels we are journeying together because we walk on the same planet and wonders how we can be in the same homeschooling group if we are not journeying together.)


Are we on the earth together? Yes. Do we share citizenship in the same country, state? Yes. Do we both educate our offspring at home? Yes. Therefore we are in CHH together.

However, it is clear from your response that our homeschooling journey has little else in common. There are two paths in the wood and I take the lesser traveled one – the one without the government’s dictate, reassurance, false hope. I do not believe there is any role of any kind for government in education. I believe education is a commodity and one to be chosen by each individual family, not subject to coercion as compulsory education is via government.

Your discussion of the CCS expresses an appreciation and responsibility of government to educate. I find compulsory education immoral. I find compulsory education in direct violation of the non-aggression principle. Compulsory education is coercive. No one should be coerced into any action. Our paths are different.

Yes, my less traveled path is a journey also. One in which I am constantly learning, assessing, and developing my thoughts and philosophies. But my journey is not yours. And I am OK with that. I simply ask that we acknowledge the topic of the CCS for what it is – a politically motivated issue. It has been a hotly contested and debated issue for at least three years for many reasons, among which are a denial of parental rights and the windfall for private testing companies that have aided in the development of the CCS. To pretend it is not a political issue is to be a sheeple and walk with the herd. I do not herd well.

With gratitude for your kind and sincere reply,

Whenever I ask for anything to be regulated, I am asking permission to use/consume/think on that thing.

When I ask for regulation of roads, I make those roads the sole property of the regulator.

When I ask for regulation of hair salons, I make those salons the sole property of the regulator.

When I ask for regulation of schools, abortion clinics, veterinary hospitals, restaurants, water parks, I make those all the sole property of the regulator.

Because the regulator can manipulate the way the thing/service/action is operated, but more importantly, the regulator can shut it down, close it. What is a greater testimony of ownership than to cease operating?

And now there is a large outcry to regulate Monsanto and other such horrific-crimes-against-nature food companies. That action, to regulate, will make food supplies the sole property of the regulator. Newsflash – The regulator is the government.

Say goodbye to your sustenance. You chose this.

Heading further south into the county tonight, I was in no hurry.

I crossed Greater Alamance Creek and looked left, down stream, and thought, “What a beautiful evening for a canoe trip.”

I passed a freshly cut hay field near Mt. Hermon Church and noted it would be baled by end of week so I need to call Rusty tomorrow so I can begin refilling the loft.

Many pick-ups were in my view as I drove. I do truly enjoy the sight of a pick-up.

I turned onto Friendship-Patterson Mill road and as I crested the hill above Cedarock, the bright, warm sun welcomed me. It was a beautiful sight.

Now I watch boys, playing or learning, I can’t tell. I appreciate not knowing.



It’s 810p and finally blue skies, about 60F, 83% humidity with a light NE wind. My breath condenses as it hits the cool, moist air. I’m sitting by this fire thinking about how I intended to blog about the communist atrocity that is May Day but then I think about the gifts of time I have been given this week, and my attitude changes.

Practices and clinics were canceled giving us an evening. A friend took two young ones to play giving me two hours at home alone while the others were at a clinic and golfing. And tonight the children entirely made dinner and mostly cleaned up dinner. The gift of time is so precious.

And I thought I’d share something I did kind for someone today. It is not easy to be my friend. I know this. It is not easy to be my acquaintance. I know this, too. I have few filters and make fewer apologies for the lack of filters. But even I can be nice.

So, this afternoon after my workout and before the three oldest finished tennis clinic – I am stopped, engine off in the HT Express Lane, typing to a student on my iPad. A suburban slowly creeps up behind me. A cute, fit, middle-aged woman gets out with a redbox in her hand and I assume returns it.

Then, she sidles me. The two youngest were with me and so I became suddenly physically postured in defense mode.

The woman says something like, “You need to move, you are blocking traffic.”

And pretty harshly. I replied, “I’ll move when my truck is loaded.”

“But I need to move and you’re in the way.”

“Oh. Would you like me to push the button and ask them to bring your order out at the same time?”

“What order? I just need to pass through.”

“Well, I can drive around and you can pass through. I am waiting for my Harris Teeter Express order. That’s what this lane is for – for express grocery orders.”

“Oh. I thought it was to get the redbox people out of the way of traffic. Thank you for moving, I just can’t back the Suburban up.”

And all was well. That was such a weird and funny exchange. I’m still chuckling about it.

Back to my fire and knitting.

I am a recovering EnviroNazi. Yes. It is true. I even worked as a career EnviroNazi. My apologies.

But I still do really like Earth Day. Not for the the mainstream purposes, though.

I honestly cannot stand to listen to all the lies about what the government is doing and what is so bad and how the government can fix what is bad. It is the government that ruined my EnviroNazism. My eyes were opened wide. WIDE. To the terrorism that is the government’s mind control over what is gifted to the individual – Nature’s endless provision of life, liberty, and happiness.

Instead I am one to mock Earth Day in general. After all, Earth Day is really every day. Our family does minimize its waste, we do recycle, we do minimize our use of resources. Far more than most families I know. We’re not off the grid, and I doubt we ever will be, but we’ll do just fine in a long-term emergency (like my Tough Italian Broad’s zombie apocalypse) sans generator.

And that is what brings me around to what I do like about this government-led Hallmark holiday. Kids, most through government indoctrination – which is wrong – learn that they can make a difference in the way they feel about the earth by doing. Be it learning that it is OK to pick up that soft drink can another person dropped. Or be it learning that if they want trees, they must create an immediate environment friendly to trees. Or be it learning that choosing to support certain practices feeds that market demand for behavior that leads to gross consumer consumption (pulled out a little environmental econ on ya there).

Kids can learn that they have a choice.

And that is the most important thing of all. Even if the government drills in their head the lies about Earth Day, the kid walks away knowing that, for this moment in time, she has a choice. Pick up that plastic bag whirling in the wind or let it keep whirling?

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Share your moment here and look for others at SouleMama.


When the news flash of a single headline “Bomb at Boston Marathon Finish Line” ran across my phone, I prayed and then chose to look later. Then this afternoon my oldest said, “Did you know there were bombs at the end of a marathon race in Boston?” To which I lied and said, “No. I didn’t.”

Why did I lie? I don’t know.

It was at that moment, just a few hours ago, that I realized that my son isn’t just getting crap from the radio in his room, but also news. And probably slanted news.

I talked about Steubenville with him. I started the conversation. I talked about Sandy Hook with him and Kelly Mae. I started the conversation. He talked about the marathon bombs. He started that conversation.

Another news flash, this time not across my phone, but across my heart and mind. It’s now time I begin to ask him what he has learned from beyond the day. From the radio. From the paper. And it’s OK.

And I will remind him that only cowards act with hate. And that he is always safe in Christ here and the hereafter.