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I really like kombucha. Really like it. So does my Husband. So do most of the children. As I become braver in experimenting with teas and second fermentation flavors, I am finding more fans.

The four gallons I harvested today were all made with English breakfast tea and green tea. Plain and room temperature, the flavor is softer than with the Lipton tea with which I began.

I am out of ginger (the horror!) and so I made only straight berry flavors – raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and combinations of each. The new flavor I set to second ferment is Strawberry-Lemon. MMMMmmmm.

Fermented-ly Yours,



First fish of the season:

(And he has caught three since and the night is young.)

We pulled Reade’s buck head from the pond where the turtles have been cleaning it since Thanksgiving. Now it is the Sun’s turn to bleach it from its place high in a tree.


And no. I will never tire of sitting by the awesome campfires I build. Never will I tire of it. Yarn only makes the moment more enjoyable.


Ahhhh. Saturday Night.

PS – we had a really great week, minus the idiot liberals. But they’re always around. I just step on them and move along…








This is labeled with “garden.” ha! I find it so stinking funny…


Last night was the season premiere of Duck Dynasty. Yes. We like that show. I like how the whole family can watch it. I like how Miss Kaye and Phil show love without shame but with complete respect. In fact, my favorite part of last night’s show was when Phil, despite family tradition, chose to stay home rather than camp out the night before Duck Season. He also chose to break tradition and bathe. Because Miss Kaye told him he wasn’t getting any lovin’ without having had a bath first. And so, like a wise man, Phil bathed. And the best line of the show was delivered by Miss Kaye:

And that, Ladies, is how it’s done.


Anywho… several weeks ago while trying to figure out how to buy the upcoming season so we could watch on the Apple TV (in my never-ending desire to rid us of Time Warner Cable), I ended up in the store. And there it was. And yes. I pre-ordered it. My stingy, tightwad self PRE-ordered for $38 including shipping, a Chia Willie.

Now, I love the hair on those men. I wish My Husband would grow a full beard and just let it roll. No trimming, no details, just let it do its thing. But, I suppose in his business that might not work so much as it does at Duck Commander.

And, just in time for last night’s show… Chia Willie arrived!

There is Chia Willie ripped from the outer box and sitting in the cargo hold of my truck. I was a happy lady. The only Chia that would make me happier would be a Chia Jase. Because Jase is my favorite of the Robertson boys. He is manly. Willie…uh… Jase is manly. He can camp, he can stink, he can work. And he has awesome hair. Yes. There is hair under the hat he always wears.

And now I am sounding a bit obsessed. Which I am not. Mostly not.

After an hour’s soaking this morn


Chia Willie was seeded


And now he sits with the cacti waiting to sprout.


Yes, we did.

What the flylady doesn’t know is that I cannot and will not make my bed when I get out of it because there are still sweetly resting children in it.


And I have the animals to feed and especially pretty quartz to stumble upon.


And there are the whole wheat tortillas to make for lunch.


And the rain to watch fall…


…as I wash some dishes.


And the spaghetti sauce to make for dinner. With smiles as I use dehydrated tomatoes and frozen roasted green peppers from last year’s garden.


And stories of three princesses whose parents have died and they’ve retreated to a cabin in the woods so that they can stay together. They work, play, and learn together.


Sunday is a day of rest that does not often seem restful. We could truly do nothing but rest today, but we are keeping busy as we move back-and-forth from outdoors to use up the rest of the little snow we received and indoors to keep warm.

We started our day with a new pancake recipe as I am out of unbleached white flour (again, why does 25# go so fast!?!). We used this recipe with the exception of using whole milk. Of course. And there is just something extra-special about Lindley Mill’s organic whole wheat flour. It is so light…


Except my Husband did request a bacon and egg sandwich and so, of course, I joyfully made him one. I used yesterday’s loaf of 100 Days of Real Food recipe for the whole wheat bread machine loaf. (That sentence makes no sense and I am not going to make it make sense, hopefully you will figure it out.) This has become our go-to sandwich bread. I don’t know if it is the combination of the ingredients, or again, the Lindley Mill flours. I use 1/2 organic whole wheat and 1/2 organic Super Sprout (a sprouted grain flour) and it is SO very good. And in the bread machine, it has made for NO reason to buy manufactured store bread.

It is SO cold today that even with gloves, we come in with red hands that like warming under warm water…


We have made a special FC Bayern Munich star for our sweet grandparents that we’ll early in the week.


And I made lemon-scented dusting rags with this pin from Pinterest. I usually just spray my water/vinegar mix but this is certainly a quicker fix with little time investment… The cloths are the remains of a pair of flannel PJ pants made from a flat sheet and I used the lemon rinds leftover from making lacto-lemonade with the whey leftover from making yogurt in the crockpot.


And it’s just now 230p. I don’t know that much else will happen. But everyone is happy…


I am still in my apron. Loaves of fresh bread, kombucha shared, visits with friends as Frontier is picked up, seventy degrees. Enough said.

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Share your moment here and look for others at SouleMama.


The day began with a mistake. I will never again turn the TV on the day after a deranged human kills children. Because it will happen again and I will spend ten minutes wasting tears and becoming angry. I’ll stick with prayer.

Running into a Radio Flyer with removable rails while walking through a dark garage hurts. Badly. A week later.

Hand me downs are the ultimate form of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Plus they fight consumerism!

I am only “on the fringe” because so many users rely on my family for their lifestyle.

Opening windows, even just a wee bit, on a 60 degree day in December changes how the house feels. Aaaaahhhh.

Everyone should have an Uncle D and Aunt J. Terribly jealous and joyful at the same time!

I’m not a big fan of Christmas. The consumerism nauseates me. It’s just a day randomly selected to celebrate my Savior’s birth. I’d prefer to celebrate the randomly-selected half birthday on June 25.

Decembeaver. All about that.

Kids on skates and blades and scooters on a sun-soaked concrete pad surrounded by woods is a delightful scene.

The bird feeders need more seed.

But I’m going to knit a while longer first.


The morning is nearly gone. It began with my Husband and our humorous reflection of punk business people thinking they’d pulled a fast one. Then frustrated reflection about other business people who are bulldogging a situation. Y’know … that all is what it is. And we can only control our circumstances. And, if the Mayans are correct (even though they missed their whole Spanish demise) then does it really matter?

But my Husband left to earn our keep and the day progressed. We’ve made a fresh carpet for the playhouse.



We’ve baked a gingerbread house sans buttered molds…

(perfect for morning snacking)

And a house with buttered molds…

And another in the oven now.

We’ve set the sprouts out to dry and green. Kelly Mae found just the right spot for good light.


Rebekah Anne has helped me work the yogurt


and she has helped me feed the sourdough starter and make the dough for its first 24 hour rise.


Kelly Mae taught Sawyer to latch hook while Rebekah Anne and I worked in the kitchen.


Reade was at the table doing a Physical Science experiement.



And when Laura Lea finally woke at 1038a, she ate some crumbled gingerbread and Sawyer taught her to latch hook and she’s been busy since.


I suppose now we’ll begin to pick up the house and then have a yummy lunch.


Not sure what our afternoon will bring… Does it matter? No. Life is good. Even if it’s about to end Mayan-style.