I bought my first InkWell Press planner from Office Depot in 2017 when the At-A-Glance I had used for many years in the format I preferred was no longer available. Well, that was a shift…

I appreciate that InkWell Press is woman-owned and owned by a woman in my own state – Asheville! I could get my planning fix and support a fellow femme and my state. Bonuses all day! Thank you, Tonya Dalton, for making that possible.

As a natural planner, I need these pieces of paper. They make me happy. And more productive. And mostly on time and in the correct place. Mostly, they make me happy.

When I bought my 2019 InkWell planner directly from the InkWell site, I also bought a few extras like the Daily Docket similar to what I had been downloading from online for years and even using with students!

Then Tonya announced her upcoming book The Joy of Missing Out (JOMO). The book title alone signs to me. I am confident there is not a single other human on the planet that enjoys deleting commitments from her calendar more than me. Not making-excuses enjoyment, I mean legit-isn’t-happening enjoyment. Like today when my second child announced she was coming home from college for the evening. I had a dinner date with a girlfriend but canceled because I was not missing my daughter’s rare appearance. Sure. I did miss not seeing my friend but I did not mind deleting the commitment from my calendar. Staying home makes me happy. Happy. Happy. HAPPY!


So I pre-ordered JOMO on August 18 set for an October 1 release. The excitement! The anticipation! Tonya’s classes, challenges, videos – all of which I had already enjoyed and enjoyed during my wait made me almost salivate with excitement. Not. Even. Joking. Ask Kelly and Tara.

Then JOMO arrived late on October 1. Ironically the same day I was speaking to our local city council and preparing to leave for a wedding and about thirty other priorities. So I decided to wait and read JOMO at the coast the week before the wedding.

The vehicle was packed, the kids in the back, and I made sure JOMO was on the front passenger’s seat beside me ready for me to soak it up with the sun and waves.

Then I JOMO-ed JOMO.

I did not know how desperately my brain and body and soul needed to stop. I did nothing but the basic cooking and housekeeping and then some fiction reading and knitting for five straight days. I needed to enJOY MISSING OUT. And so I did. I decompressed, not even opening my datebook until the end of the week to mark down a lunch made with JSi.

And so I returned to the chaos of a home turned upside down and dusty and cold from a renovation but oh-so-grateful it is safe and secure while friends in Hopetown and Ocracoke are still making sense of Hurricane Dorian. I made the most of the first two re-entry days getting things cleaned and in order the best I can all while listening to the unpleasant sounds of progress.

In order to enJOY MISSING OUT on the banging and smacking of the renovation, I moved by displaced living room chair into my bedroom and set a space where I could shut the doors and play music and drown out the noise. The kids know the door is “open” even though it is closed and they are happy for my new space.


And that’s the story of how I JOMO-ed JOMO. I enJOYED MISSING OUT by not feeling like I *had* to read this book immediately. I took time to get well so I could give the book and its message the time and consideration it deserved.

And now it is time… Time to begin The Joy of Missing Out. Grateful.


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