Really? Is anyone surprised that Phil Robertson believes homosexuality is a sin? And did anyone bother to read on that he clearly and decisively said he was not condemning them, but loving them and sharing Jesus’ love with them? Here are some nutshell thoughts.

1.)  He was asked a question and he answered it honestly. How many of us, especially our nazi leaders (Ds, Rs, Ls , and Is) answer direct questions honestly?

2.) His show never hid his personal beliefs. He has not pretended to be anything other than the sinner he is. How many of us don’t put on airs to promote ourselves?

3.) What is “tolerant” about ousting anyone because of what a person holds true in his heart? Uh… Methinks tolerance is overrated and most of those preaching tolerance are a.) liars because they are not in any way tolerant and b.) fakers because they lie to promote themselves.

4.) Is it a coincidence that all this hub-bub has befallen Phil Robertson after the Duck Dynasty Christmas Show that was promoted for two weeks on A&E? No. The news about the GQ interview has been out there a while. A& E manipulated the market in cahoots with money-suckers such as GLAAD who are of the likes of MAAD. No coincidence.

Here’s my take – Phil Robertson knew damn well what he was saying and to what audience he was saying it. Phil Robertson will be fine without A&E. And truly, I don’t even really think this is a free speech issue as he was bought and paid for. And he knew it. Perhaps he was tired of being beholden and knew this was a sure deal to set him free AND get his message across.

Regardless of any of my thoughts, Phil is his own person. It’s his business what he thinks, how he acts, and with whom he associates. For me to think any other way would be honestly, openly intolerant.

(I have written this most on Thursday, December 19. I am confident that some of these thoughts will be seen as fact when this posts live on the 23rd. And perhaps some may be proven false. Either way, given my limited knowledge of an event surrounding a show our family very much enjoys, I’m willing to be right and/or wrong in advance.)