Heaviest on my heart and mind these last many weeks is the reply to my statement, “We’ll, that is Common Core.”

The reply? Nearly always, “What is that?” The rest of the time it is, “I don’t really know anything about it.”

I do not understand how anyone can subject a child to something so very unknown or not understood. Subject the whole family.

Start here. Please.

And if you dare, google your state’s “stop common core [state].” For my state, the primary site is here. Mind you every stop Common Core site I have seen assumes and justifies the right to a “free” public education. I do not believe in such a right.

So why do I care? Because I believe in the innate freedom of a family and every individual to choose whether or not subject oneself to the state. I believe wholly in freedom of and freedom from education.

Want convincing reason from a staunch supporter of public education? Pick up a copy of the 1953 book Quackery in the Public Schools by Albert Lynd. He believed public education should exist. Read and see if you are otherwise convinced.