The first step to recognizing my innate freedom was to first acknowledge that government may only exist through force. All governments exist only by way of force, coercion.

Obviously the “government,” federal, state, and local only exists through force. Government can only operate with taxation and taxation is force. I cannot choose to give or not give to government, rather I am forced via theft – the mandatory at gunpoint – to support government. If I do not pay my taxes, armed guards will visit me. If I refuse to leave with them, they will terrorize me with a raid and/or smoke me out. If, when captured, I resist, they will shoot me. All taxation is immoral for this single fact – I pay or I die.

What was not so obvious to me initially is that a family government is also coercive. Yes. I try to peacefully parent. I do better some days than others. But there is still coercion, force. If my child has an unsafe room, she will not go to her friend’s. If my son does not process his plate, he will not get a fresh one with fresh food. If an animal is not cared for, the pet is repossessed. All of these are coercion.

What makes universal government and family government different? Contracts.

A contract is, by definition, a binding contract between two persons, entities. I have no contract with the US government, with the NC government, with the AC government. I have not signed nor been in negotiation with any of those entities. The “Social Contract” is an empty concept. (Click on that little colored link to read a very clear and logical expression of such.)

In our home, we do negotiate contracts.

Want to see a friend? I will drive you when your room is no longer a safety hazard. The child can agree or not agree to the contract or negotiate further to the definition of “safety hazard.”

Want to be served the next meal? The child can agree or not agree to the contract or negotiate further his menu options and hunger.

Want a pet? The child can agree or not agree to the contract or negotiate further her responsibilities to the pet.

The child has choices.

My Husband and I negotiate contracts. He wants to see bands on Friday and Saturday. I only want to be out one day. I can negotiate to suit what my needs are while still respecting his wants.

I have no choices with universal government. None. Even if I vote and select an individual who may or may not win the election, I am still taxed without choice because government cannot exist without taxation and taxation is theft – I have no say in the amount, the timing, the direction of the funds.

So, the first step to acknowledging and applying my innate freedom was to recognize that all government is immoral, even within our home. I do what I can to mitigate that immorality in my home, however, because I can choose to acknowledge my children’s innate freedom as well and respect their humanity by allowing them to make most of their own choices.