The private schools in my area have been dismissed for less than two weeks.

The public schools in my area have been dismissed for two days.

And thus begins the facebook parade of Summer Love…

OH MY GOSH. Can they not be quiet?

I wished for school to end now August 26th can’t get here fast enough.

I forgot how hard the first week of summer vacation was. OMG! The bickering has got to stop. Where’s the decorative duct tape?

A friend and I discussed the disgust and resentment towards these children who only yearn for freedom. And rest. My friend has not always homeschooled. In fact, she was right in there with the rest of the herd at her local government school. What she wrote in response to such statuses was more powerful than those expressions of hate. Here is exactly what she said:

So so sad. When I schooled I would have snorted understandingly. Now the clairty of its meaning is tremendously sad. When you don’t have your kids with you all the time. When you think they are supposed to be away from you…this is how you see it… scales from the eyes.