I have had interesting exchanges with various people of late, all beginning with a conversation about the Common Core Standards or the state legislation redefining home education in NC. I am sharing a few such responses now. They are not perfect. Autocorrect took the helm too many times and too many times I did not catch the errors it left. Or chose not to re-read what I wrote. One was written entirely too late into the night, in fact. I have taken out individual names, but left organizations and locations. I am intentionally not including the other people’s original emails. I can legally do so since the letters were written to me. However, I choose not to.


I have pondered much on this email today. Thank you for taking the time to write.

Your support of the CCS as a facilitator desiring to correlate does support public education. Public education is a coercive act. It is an aggressive act. in fact, so aggressive, it is widely accepted that public education violates the non-aggression principle. It’s funding is through taxation in which I have no choice – coercion. If I do not pay my taxes, armed “servants” will greet me at my home. If I refuse to come out, they will violate my private property and retrieve me with force and that force includes guns, pointed at my head in a standard shoot-to-kill stance. I am not making this up. This is fact.

Just as it is a fact that all government requires hunger for power lest there be no government. Government assumes that you and I are not capable of determining how to manage ourselves amongst this difference. I believe we are capable.

I do not care how you parent (education is a part of parenting to me). I am under no moral obligation to support you. But you become morally obligated to give me a good return for my good payment when you choose to take from the government till. While your children may be in an elite, private setting, you are supporting and promoting a public program in which I own a piece of the till.

Having had at length discussion with board members and having attended a board meeting (and others I hope as my evenings allow) I am aware that the board is not wholly leftist. It is, however, by definition statist. It also suggests an even-handed employment of that statism. It is not even-handed. Only those with non-statist, or in simpleton’s language “conservative” views have been hand-slapped in my time in CHH. Well, minus the harmonica playing vagina, but that was just funny, in the long run.

I do not believe in government. I do believe in the good, naturally peaceful free will of people to look after themselves. Yet, I choose to accept that this is not the community in which I choose to live. So I choose to simply point out the errors in the logic of such faux-tolerance. Life is a series of choices, after all.

But really, none of the above really bothers me, because I see no need to like nor dislike you. I don’t really care about you. You are just another person on the planet that I do not know. Another brick in the wall…

What does bother me is that you assume you know me. Well assume and you make an ass out of you and me. Who am I? I am a lovingly devoted wife and mother. I am a loyal friend. I am a fun person. So much fun, in fact, that autocorrect steadily changes “Patty” to “Party.” And I am a believer in people. I believe people, when left alone to make decisions for ourselves, make the most of ourselves. I hope this little note helps you understand a bit more about me.

If you are interested in details from the CCS source documents or the CCS source documents themselves, I will be happy to direct you.

With less interest than when I began this note,

(this is a response to [Friend’s] response to the above:


Thank you for your reply. You ask a lot of questions about liberty. No, I do not think the government has a role in roads, prisons, fire, police, schools, etc. I believe communities (think Chapel Hill, Efland, Burlington) can make these choices as communities. If they want. Or not if they don’t. I also believe in the ability of individuals to choose where they want to live. However, with a federal and state government in my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, backyard, and vehicle, there is no where I can go and be untouched by government. Not in this country. Yet I can choose to be where my physical needs are balanced with my philosophical core. Anyone can.

If you are interested in concepts of liberty, I can direct you to some easy to read sources. But I will not give you the answers. If it is worth your interest, you will seek it yourself. Know this, as a community, a county, a state, a country, we did not have these “services” and we did just fine. It is an attitude of entitlement that creates the need (want, in my books) now. There is no true need. There is also no true responsibility.

My family is a member of several homeschooling groups. I fact, six groups. CHH is the only one with a board. The.Only.One. In the other groups, individuals make decisions and communicate them to the community of that group. If something requires money, individuals pay for it or prepare a personal budget to make it happen. If people argue or something inappropriate is posted, the individuals work it out or the community pulls it back into check.

An example of self-managed activity is the Homeschool Fall Formal myself and four other homeschool moms are planning. We are not doing this as part of or on behalf of any homeschooling group. We are doing it because it is something we want for our children and therefore we are making it happen. We, as individuals, decided to cooperate, make estimations, develop a budget, and so on. This is no different than the Not-Back-to-school swim party. In fact, the budget for the dance is at least 10 times greater, yet requires no board nor any designated “leader.”

We do the same in each of our other homeschooling groups. We just throw it out there. And those groups and equally as mixed with “conservatives” and “liberals.” Oh how I have come to despise those, and most other labels. I have yet to have any such issues in the groups to which I belong without a board. I founded none of those groups.

And lastly, no contribution is charitable when it is made by force. When I choose to give money or resources to a local food bank, that is charity. When I choose to give money or time to St. Jude’s, that is charity. When my husband flies a cancer patient to Mayo Clinic pro bono, that is charity. Taxation is coercion. By definition it is not charitable. I make no choices regarding the spending of the funds.

Please stop admonishing me. I do not need a parent. I will choose to communicate how I want. I wear BIG, BIG big girl panties. I choose, with intent and thought, how I respond to the few post on CHH to which I respond.

Again, if you are interested in learning about liberty or the CCS, I am happy to direct you to sources.

Enjoy the day,


(to a different individual who feels we are journeying together because we walk on the same planet and wonders how we can be in the same homeschooling group if we are not journeying together.)


Are we on the earth together? Yes. Do we share citizenship in the same country, state? Yes. Do we both educate our offspring at home? Yes. Therefore we are in CHH together.

However, it is clear from your response that our homeschooling journey has little else in common. There are two paths in the wood and I take the lesser traveled one – the one without the government’s dictate, reassurance, false hope. I do not believe there is any role of any kind for government in education. I believe education is a commodity and one to be chosen by each individual family, not subject to coercion as compulsory education is via government.

Your discussion of the CCS expresses an appreciation and responsibility of government to educate. I find compulsory education immoral. I find compulsory education in direct violation of the non-aggression principle. Compulsory education is coercive. No one should be coerced into any action. Our paths are different.

Yes, my less traveled path is a journey also. One in which I am constantly learning, assessing, and developing my thoughts and philosophies. But my journey is not yours. And I am OK with that. I simply ask that we acknowledge the topic of the CCS for what it is – a politically motivated issue. It has been a hotly contested and debated issue for at least three years for many reasons, among which are a denial of parental rights and the windfall for private testing companies that have aided in the development of the CCS. To pretend it is not a political issue is to be a sheeple and walk with the herd. I do not herd well.

With gratitude for your kind and sincere reply,