It’s 810p and finally blue skies, about 60F, 83% humidity with a light NE wind. My breath condenses as it hits the cool, moist air. I’m sitting by this fire thinking about how I intended to blog about the communist atrocity that is May Day but then I think about the gifts of time I have been given this week, and my attitude changes.

Practices and clinics were canceled giving us an evening. A friend took two young ones to play giving me two hours at home alone while the others were at a clinic and golfing. And tonight the children entirely made dinner and mostly cleaned up dinner. The gift of time is so precious.

And I thought I’d share something I did kind for someone today. It is not easy to be my friend. I know this. It is not easy to be my acquaintance. I know this, too. I have few filters and make fewer apologies for the lack of filters. But even I can be nice.

So, this afternoon after my workout and before the three oldest finished tennis clinic – I am stopped, engine off in the HT Express Lane, typing to a student on my iPad. A suburban slowly creeps up behind me. A cute, fit, middle-aged woman gets out with a redbox in her hand and I assume returns it.

Then, she sidles me. The two youngest were with me and so I became suddenly physically postured in defense mode.

The woman says something like, “You need to move, you are blocking traffic.”

And pretty harshly. I replied, “I’ll move when my truck is loaded.”

“But I need to move and you’re in the way.”

“Oh. Would you like me to push the button and ask them to bring your order out at the same time?”

“What order? I just need to pass through.”

“Well, I can drive around and you can pass through. I am waiting for my Harris Teeter Express order. That’s what this lane is for – for express grocery orders.”

“Oh. I thought it was to get the redbox people out of the way of traffic. Thank you for moving, I just can’t back the Suburban up.”

And all was well. That was such a weird and funny exchange. I’m still chuckling about it.

Back to my fire and knitting.