I am really not terribly much in a mood to write. Mostly because I am freezing. It is damp and chilly and, like a moron, I have the windows open to let in fresh air. They should be shut and the heat should be on. I am a moron.

And so are people who think we all look alike. That all Christian homeschoolers look alike. Newsflash – we don’t. And I don’t think all public schoolers look alike nor that all private schoolers look alike. Mostly because I actually know many public and private schoolers. My family is typically one of the few homeschooling families that the conventional schoolers know. So who has less worldly knowledge?

So, no, we Christian homeschoolers do not all look alike. Take this homeschooling family for example. They wake at 530a. Not here. They use school in a box, er, online. We do not. They eat every meal together. We do not. The mom thinks public education is acceptable. I do not. The mom does not mention government influence in education. It’s about all I can focus on sometimes. So it is safe to say we are different.

But listen to people discuss Christian homeschoolers. Read articles on Christian homeschoolers. Apparently we are all doily-covered-bun wearers dressed in homemade dresses that button up to the neck. Uh. Not me. I like a bun, but that takes too much effort. If my Husband is nearby, I show as much cleavage as is acceptable with my children around.

Apparently we also only buy Bob Jones or Abeka curricula and only listen to K-Love.

Uh. Not here. We use Saxon. In our own way. We use some other random stuff with Biblical reference, but Biblical is not the focus. Good, true knowledge is. And my 8 year old is at this moment breakdancing to a song about calling 911 because Shawty’s fire is burning on the dance floor.

And did I mention we only have 5 kids? Surely we’ve come short of the glory of God. At least based on mainstream views of Christian homeschoolers.

Are we heathens? I don’t think so. I love my Jesus and I pray our children will love Him as much as I do. We share Christ’s love and His life and His history with them.

But I don’t look like the Christian homeschoolers the media wants to show the 81% of people who do not learn at home. The media wants us to look like freaks. I am OK with being a freak. And a Jesus Freak. I am not OK with others generically calling me a freak. After all, that would not be very tolerant, would it?