I am a recovering EnviroNazi. Yes. It is true. I even worked as a career EnviroNazi. My apologies.

But I still do really like Earth Day. Not for the the mainstream purposes, though.

I honestly cannot stand to listen to all the lies about what the government is doing and what is so bad and how the government can fix what is bad. It is the government that ruined my EnviroNazism. My eyes were opened wide. WIDE. To the terrorism that is the government’s mind control over what is gifted to the individual – Nature’s endless provision of life, liberty, and happiness.

Instead I am one to mock Earth Day in general. After all, Earth Day is really every day. Our family does minimize its waste, we do recycle, we do minimize our use of resources. Far more than most families I know. We’re not off the grid, and I doubt we ever will be, but we’ll do just fine in a long-term emergency (like my Tough Italian Broad’s zombie apocalypse) sans generator.

And that is what brings me around to what I do like about this government-led Hallmark holiday. Kids, most through government indoctrination – which is wrong – learn that they can make a difference in the way they feel about the earth by doing. Be it learning that it is OK to pick up that soft drink can another person dropped. Or be it learning that if they want trees, they must create an immediate environment friendly to trees. Or be it learning that choosing to support certain practices feeds that market demand for behavior that leads to gross consumer consumption (pulled out a little environmental econ on ya there).

Kids can learn that they have a choice.

And that is the most important thing of all. Even if the government drills in their head the lies about Earth Day, the kid walks away knowing that, for this moment in time, she has a choice. Pick up that plastic bag whirling in the wind or let it keep whirling?