This holiest of times to me is filled with gladness. Not because of Christ’s mistreatment, but because of Christ’s giving all for me.

A piece of me feels I should suffer as He suffered. But who am I fooling? I can never, ever know the pain and joy mingling together as Christ knew while hung from that cross as a criminal and a savior.

Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.

So my mind, not wanting to truly understand the pain, the misery, the burden of all of humanity, chooses instead to look at Christ and the Father as one. As they are.

And like a loving Father, I choose to have faith that Christ is joyful at our family’s love for one another and our successes spiritually, emotionally, physically. It’s much easier to dwell upon the pleasant.

And so I move forward with our day.

Kelly Mae, Rebekah Anne, and A friend have spent much of the day on the dock. Who knows what they’re chatting about…


And Laura Lea is playing with her treasures from an egg hunt with new friends.


Sawyer is riding his bike on the trails and Reade is hitting a tennis ball against the wall.

My Husband is tending the fire and telling me about his day.


I am still sitting here.


Doing nothing. But thinking about everything.

It is finished.