I think one of my new favorite phrases is “entangled alliances” as put out there by Bonnie in a homeschool legislation discussion.

Here is an excellent example of such entangled alliances: The Coalition for Protecting Patients is lobbying against NC Senate Bill 107’s passage citing it makes birth more dangerous for women if the women do not have a “licensed attendant” to deliver their babies.

Now, I am also opposed to S107, but for different reasons. The most significant reason is that I do not need to ask permission from the government to have anyone at my birth. It is my body and therefore my innate, natural, right to do with it what I want. Additionally, it opens the door to further criminalize (felonize) lay/direct entry midwives. And lastly, birth is not a medical event. It is a life event. Our bodies know better than conventional medicine knows.

But then, I accept that not every pregnancy ends in a baby born and I believe that is Nature’s way of continuing to evolve and manage her resources. I have long said that any woman who feels she is entitled to a baby just because she successfully procreated may want to reevaluate her priorities prior to rearing that child. But then if I am not paying for her healthcare or lifecare, what do I care?

Oh. But wait. I do pay. I pay through my insurance premiums. Which used to be voluntary. No more. And I pay through local, state, and federal taxes that keep the newborn, young, and old alive when their gift to this Earth has passed. I accept the loss of the gift. I do not accept the raping that causes the excruciating physical and emotional pain of a life in turmoil be the turmoil at birth, endured throughout life, or at the end.

But, no. Not says the Coalition. It says I need unknown entities to decide for me what I can do in gestation. In birth. In growth. And in death.

Leave me the hell alone. Let me make my own choices, successes, failures, wins, and losses. Leave me alone.

PS – I have chosen not to take on the “for the health and safety of the baby since it can’t speak for itself” argument because until we address the baby’s opinion about abortion, the baby’s choice to die in the womb so Mommy can live a happy life, then the point is moot. But you can safely assume I don’t think the government should have any say in that, either.