I am opposed to the following local legistation:

NC Senate Bill 189 – I am all for complete freedom of and from education. Further definition, however, simply opens a door for further regulation.

NC House Bill 144 – I do not want a tax credit from the government because I home school. Such a credit acknowledges the state’s ability to regulate education. The state has no role in the personal choices of individuals. Not to even begin the discussion of the illegalities of income tax…

NC House Bill 235 – I am wholly opposed to any compulsory education. All relationships should be voluntary. Additionally, raising the compulsory education age to 18 will only cost more money and harm more young people who are wiser than their peers and “educators” and know it’s time to act like an adult and work.

NC House Bill 230 – Same as SB 189. It is not the responsibility of the state to define education in any location.

NC House Bill 228 – Why homeschool if you want public school? Either choose government school and all its non-government responsibilities, including athletics, or don’t choose government. Stand up for something in whole.

You can look these bills up for yourself. Or you can hop on whatever bus requires least of you…HSLDA, NCHE, mine. When I look you in the eyes and ask you why you have a right to dictate my family’s choices? Don’t be surprised.