This is labeled with “garden.” ha! I find it so stinking funny…


Last night was the season premiere of Duck Dynasty. Yes. We like that show. I like how the whole family can watch it. I like how Miss Kaye and Phil show love without shame but with complete respect. In fact, my favorite part of last night’s show was when Phil, despite family tradition, chose to stay home rather than camp out the night before Duck Season. He also chose to break tradition and bathe. Because Miss Kaye told him he wasn’t getting any lovin’ without having had a bath first. And so, like a wise man, Phil bathed. And the best line of the show was delivered by Miss Kaye:

And that, Ladies, is how it’s done.


Anywho… several weeks ago while trying to figure out how to buy the upcoming season so we could watch on the Apple TV (in my never-ending desire to rid us of Time Warner Cable), I ended up in the store. And there it was. And yes. I pre-ordered it. My stingy, tightwad self PRE-ordered for $38 including shipping, a Chia Willie.

Now, I love the hair on those men. I wish My Husband would grow a full beard and just let it roll. No trimming, no details, just let it do its thing. But, I suppose in his business that might not work so much as it does at Duck Commander.

And, just in time for last night’s show… Chia Willie arrived!

There is Chia Willie ripped from the outer box and sitting in the cargo hold of my truck. I was a happy lady. The only Chia that would make me happier would be a Chia Jase. Because Jase is my favorite of the Robertson boys. He is manly. Willie…uh… Jase is manly. He can camp, he can stink, he can work. And he has awesome hair. Yes. There is hair under the hat he always wears.

And now I am sounding a bit obsessed. Which I am not. Mostly not.

After an hour’s soaking this morn


Chia Willie was seeded


And now he sits with the cacti waiting to sprout.


Yes, we did.