There is logic in community. The illogic in community is that the word “community” is improperly used nowadays. It’s thrown around as if it is any group of people. That is not true. Perhaps there are groups or consortiums or gatherings of people, but a community lies in a small geographical area of one another.

Community, Noun
A group of people living together in one place, esp. one practicing common ownership: “a community of nuns”.
All the people living in a particular area or place: “local communities”.

A community will take care of itself. If a community lives, eats, sleeps, and plays within its space, it will grow and learn together as well.

Modern life is destroying community. Families choose schools outside of their communities, they choose churches and groceries outside of their communities. Those are the avenues for seeing need. A need that can be served by a community.

I believe there is no need for government welfare. Not federal, not state, not even county. All of those entities are too large to see the need within a community. If I go to the grocery and see the same Mama with her children buying a miniscule amount of food and the true look of hunger and desperation on their faces, I will know they need help. I’ve likely seen her there before. Roaming the aisles. Figuring out how far she can make her dollar go.

If I go to church in my community, a safe haven is created where there is no shame in saying, “I need help.” And that church (or civic organization) would meet this loved person’s need.

If my children are in schools (or a community homeschool group) then we will see and hear and learn about who is struggling and perhaps find a way to help.

Helping others is not a “look at me” opportunity. The giver should be far more humble than the recipient.

Is government a humble giver? No. It steals at gunpoint. And then is redistributes and makes signs saying, “Look what your government is doing for you!” And our elected officials brag about all they have given to this person and that person. Without reminding us they stole it first.

Community welfare is voluntary. People give what they can give and that is usually more than expected. And when an individual or a family abuses its own community people through lies and/or greed, then the community quits giving because it can see the abuse. The person or family either learns from the loss or moves onto to become another community’s problem. Government cannot create any such check-and-balance.

Community welfare is a natural check-and-balance. We follow our instincts voluntarily. Coercion only gives a bed to evil.