I know. I need to write more. Honest truth is I have so much to say I become overwhelmed with how to say it. So here are a few diddies.

Let the Dorner guy be. He’ll either die or slip up and be seen. Sure he should get his due, as even though his manifesto was well-justified, it is never right to harm, er murder, others. Going around terrorizing unsuspecting and innocent individuals only further illustrates the police state. How are so many sheeple OK with this? Truly.

Connecticut shooting? Again, I say – why do we lock the kids in? I know schools are jails. I am on record for thinking that. But really – need they be death traps also? I’d be shoving little tushies out of the window and saying “RUN, FORREST, RUN!” The thought that those kids were held by their bailiffs, just waiting to be murdered, to me is as unconscionable (or however that word is spelled) as the murderer’s actions alone are.

And why, oh why, does the federal government charge thousands of dollars in penalty for OVERpaying income taxes? I sh–, kid, you not. I can’t discuss it right now, but you’d best bet I will. And in detail. Nazi bastards. That was probably even too much.

Our life, despite the above, is lovely. We are living in reverse, I think. It seems to me as the lives of families we know are speeding up after period of calm I coveted, now our life is calming. Is it the children’s growing independence? Is it my lack of interest in picking up the muffin crumbs I can see on the floor from my desk? Is it the many gray days of Winter we’ve had thus far? Or is it my “Why bother, the world is screwed” attitude of late? I don’t know, but I’ll take the slowing down…

Speaking of the screwed world, I am ever excited about our family’s finding a way to avoid government recreational athletics. Not that we are rid of them altogether. We’re not. But we’ve certainly minimized our participation. At least athletic participation is currently voluntary. Not the paying for, it’s at gunpoint, but the playing part is voluntary.

And bread. Man has this been a great season for bread. I am determined to keep it up through the summer months outside. We eat more sandwiches than ever but I want less to be inside waiting for the rise. Perhaps that new bread machine will have to work harder during summer months when I am not as inclined to be inside to knead.

While writing about bread…my Husband brought home “store” bread for the first time in a few weeks yesterday. Kids acted like it was a Christmas stocking filled with chocolates. Funny!

I call store bread “manufactured” bread. Because it is. What is it not? We do get a brand with as few “extra” ingredients as possible, but really – it is manufactured. Not loved, not grown.

I am loving the kombucha we are growing. I just about have GT’s gingerberry flavor mimicked and already have the Synergy flavor down. Kids are beginning to enjoy it.

We are also enjoying this ranch recipe and have not bought new salad dressing in a few months. Between this and various versions of vinaigrette, which is a no-brainer, we are doing just fine with all the sprouts and greens we eat.

Next on my list to try is kombucha mustard and kombucha hotcakes. Yes. I am a little nutty about the kombucha. This stuff is UBER cheap to make and a great living food so why not use it as an ingredient. Talk about needing less from the grocery?

I like the new Frontier Wholesale Website. It will be so much easier when I buy for our group. Grateful they finally listened!

So I leave with pictures from my past week with some wretched cold I took hold of and stayed in bed with. It wasn’t flu, thank goodness… Best part of it all was that the kids maintained the house and cooked for themselves and me. Best part of my recovery was yesterday. I sat in a camp chair by the fire ALL day. I read Amanda Soule’s Creative Family. So glad I picked up this one from the library as I have the other two and this one is not the beauty of the other two.

I then began at last to read in earnest Shannon Hayes’ Long Way on a Little. No. We do not have our own sources of meat. Yet. But we will. Oh, we will. Hopefully very soon. And yes. I will have my own cutting room and I will cut. Since growing more connected to our garden and the increased hunting by the family on our property (which we process in the kitchen), I have a real yearning to know our ingredients. We’ll likely never be wholly self-sufficient, but I want to be as much as we reasonably can be.

And yes. I have new glasses. First pair in years. I think they’re sassy. Maybe too sassy.