This is an “uncategorized” post. I do not know what it will be about nor where it will go.

At the moment, the piano teacher has just left the house, my Husband is picking up the red-head from practice and then the eldest from Scouts. The three others are sitting right by my side enjoying some tech time with me. It is quiet with giggles via bluetooth games.

I had to take a break from writing after Sandy Hook. I knew this, I saw this becoming an opportunity for the government to move closer to declaring martial law. And isn’t the democrats. It is the liberals. Those who believe the government knows better for my family than I know are liberals. And they come with all kinds of labels including “republican.”

That lovely fiscal cliff deal that created a lot of pomp and circumstance and only penalizes the highest wage earners has stripped my family of its grocery budget. We’re not among the “highest wage earners.” Fortunately, we are wise and have resources and will re-allocate, but what about those that cannot. One article I read today said that 77% of Americans saw that decrease in their paychecks these first days of 2013. And government knows better.

I also read today about a “new and more virulent” strain of flu killing people left and right. “Hurry, get your flu shot while you can.” Yes, I will take a shot of poison to weaken me. Then pass that gun ban and declare martial law. Government can care for me better than I can care for me. Stoopid liberals.

There are hundreds of children killed in the world every day. Why are we supposedly immune? Yes, twenty little lives mattered. But no more than those for whom we don’t cry out.

I do believe in American exceptionalism. But that belief is fading because my rights are fading. The government knows better for me than me.

Wow. I sound, sour. dour. depressing. conspiracy-theorist.

So what did we do these many days? There’s too much to share. What I can share is that we’ve slowed down. A lot. Intentionally. We are in control and will keep this pace. Regardless of martial law.