The day began with a mistake. I will never again turn the TV on the day after a deranged human kills children. Because it will happen again and I will spend ten minutes wasting tears and becoming angry. I’ll stick with prayer.

Running into a Radio Flyer with removable rails while walking through a dark garage hurts. Badly. A week later.

Hand me downs are the ultimate form of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Plus they fight consumerism!

I am only “on the fringe” because so many users rely on my family for their lifestyle.

Opening windows, even just a wee bit, on a 60 degree day in December changes how the house feels. Aaaaahhhh.

Everyone should have an Uncle D and Aunt J. Terribly jealous and joyful at the same time!

I’m not a big fan of Christmas. The consumerism nauseates me. It’s just a day randomly selected to celebrate my Savior’s birth. I’d prefer to celebrate the randomly-selected half birthday on June 25.

Decembeaver. All about that.

Kids on skates and blades and scooters on a sun-soaked concrete pad surrounded by woods is a delightful scene.

The bird feeders need more seed.

But I’m going to knit a while longer first.