I have no problem admitting I am somewhat detached from some realities. By choice.

I choose to limit my interaction (please read, “steady drama”) with my own extended family and I frankly like keeping family life within the perimeters of my property. This means I don’t always understand why or how my friends get worried about their own families.

I choose to avoid any experiments on, er, experiences with our children and the public indoctrination system. This means I don’t always understand why or how my friends get worried about their own children’s government control.

It does not mean I am heartless. It does mean I lack a filter at times. OK. More times than not. I’d blame it on something like Tourette’s but then I’d be called racist. OK. Maybe not.

There went that filter.

Truly, I do need to work on that filter no matter how many times my sweetest people tell me they like me just like I am. There is value to knowing where one stands with a person and I certainly have no issue with telling someone how I feel, good and bad. But I don’t need to exert my thoughts about others’ families unless they are specifically solicited.

Now, politics, that’s another issue. I think the less of a filter the better. Lay it all out there. I have to pay for it. OH, does our family have to pay for it. And as my thoughts on rape via taxation are so well documented on this blog, I resent it. I don’t mind the few things that government should do. I do mind government taking it above and beyond its scope and people choosing to give government their lives.

Because the reality is that life is a series of choices. And those choices include choosing to give life where life was not given, provide life where life is not sustainable, and keep life where life is no longer can live.

Life itself is not within the scope of government.

Government does not give life.