This series of texts today was just funny to me.

Me: Do we have a hand crank tool that digs holes in wood? If not, how do you advise me to dig holes in a piece of wood to hold some candles?

(a brief pause)

Husband: Let me drill it

Me: Hmm. Can you do that at work? I need a piece of wood with nine holes. Nothing fancy, I want rustic.

Me: And can you do it today? Just realized Hannakuh starts tonight.

Me: Can I drill it? Is the drill downstairs?

(a lengthy pause)

Husband: I will do when I get home. Reade can help.

Husband: Oh he’s camping. What time does he leave?

Me: 4p. Can he and I do it?

Husband: Pls wait

Me: Ok. Thank you. ❤

(But I know he is wondering…)