It is easy for one to mistake my thoughts on public education as extreme, wishing to rid society of all public ed. Well, yes, that would be my pipe dream. But it is a mistake to think I believe it is an actual possibility. I am in touch with reality. Most days.

I know public education will always exist. I simply ask that those that wish to be raped for such indoctrination, pay for the raping on their own and allow those of us who believe the system to be corrupt, inefficient, and a form of government indoctrination to be left out of the mess entirely, including our dollars.

Why is it OK for a citizen to cry out against the use of tax money for war but not OK for a citizen to cry out against the use of tax money for public education?

I believe the public education system is at war with families to gain the hearts, souls, and minds of children so that those indoctrinated children will fight the war against personal liberty on behalf of a government promising a life of free stuff in exchange for a falsely sanitary system of life.

Why am I coerced to fund what I vehemently abhor? Too many SAT words in one sentence?

Why am I forced to pay for what I fundamentally disagree?

I simply wish for a public education system that is “pay to play.” If a family wants that form of life for their children, pay for it. So many already say they are, when in reality they are not and could not without the subsidization of those not using the system.

Wake up. Children are the future. Aren’t they worth a chunk of a family’s income? Or better yet, keep them at home with you. Give them your time. Your heart. Your soul.