Sure. I wish the country would have chosen a new President. But it did not. And therefore I will look at what I know to be true, not opinion.

Change begins from the grassroots. In my state, I see the wave of fiscal conservatism returning to both parties. I am still analyzing the unofficial election results, but I see growth in the conservative candidates (who are not all Repubs, by the way).

Thirty states now have conservative governors. I believe strongly in states’ rights. As a country that is founded on the Federal Constitutional Republic form of government, no matter how far off the path it has teetered, states have far more rights than the federal government. This means an opportunity to reclaim those rights through nullification of federal decrees.

Our state almost elected a conservative to serve as Superintendent of Public Instruction. Oh! Do I see hope for the future? YES!

I’m not on facebook nor twitter nor this blog whining. Just as I would not be boasting nor poking had the presidential candidate I chose been the country’s choice. We have a system. Is it perfect? No. No system is. We are human. Full of error. Or as I believe, sin. We cannot devise a perfect system.

But we have a system and it worked. I did not fear rape, nor injury, nor robbery, nor death going to my polling place. I did not have to travel hours or miles to the country’s capital to cast a vote. I drove around the corner almost. I did not have to even show a picture of myself to vote. I voted and did so with the acceptance that my choices would not all be the country’s, the state’s, the county’s choices.

And I see a future that will be grim initially, but still remains mine to make with the free will gifted me by my Creator.

Yes, there are downsides. Today an Atlas shrugged. Threw in the towel. A thinking mind is now lost. I mourn that loss. And in honor of that Atlas, I will use my mind to make my choices the choices of a producer. Life is a series of choices. And I own mine. Not my neighbor’s.