I will not pretend to understand the extent, suffering, pain, emotion, expense of the destruction Hurricane Sandy/SuperStorm Sandy wreaked on the east coast, especially the northeast. I cannot even begin to grasp the losses, fear, unknowns from the destruction.

I also will not pretend to believe that government will fix, repair, complete the lives and property of those affected.

In fact, I am almost numb to thought of how such an event can even be repaired. Ever.

This is what horrifies me more than anything, though.

A Long Island resident in this article says,

I just keep waiting for someone…to just tell us what to do.

Is the human spirit of taking care of oneself, even in the face of great fear and danger, lost? Is it lost to an ever-enabling government that wants its citizenry to wait for its directives?


There have been calamities, catastrophes, and cataclysms throughout time. Those who are able regain their momentum, albeit never like it once was, are changed forever. Those who want others to give them new momentum are enslaved forever. And a welfare society does just that – enslaves its citizenry in beholden obligation.

Yes. I do believe the human spirit is absent, retarded, or useless in many. People can make out on their own. Just do it. Even if it isn’t like it was before. It is one’s own.