Let’s be clear about this one thing…nobody knows. Nobody knows and that is why there is an entire staff and still no one knows. I don’t know! I can’t even begin to put together the puzzle that is world policy.

I am confident that when a new president enters office and attends his first foreign affairs/security briefing that the only words he has are, “Oh. Crap.” I don’t expect anymore from any leader, NO one. The world stage is a constantly changing scene for which the US has little influence and no control. As it should be.

I learned nothing new in the debate last night. About the two primary candidates. There are others running, you know… how about google that.

What I did learn is that I am further confident I identify with no party and even less now libertarians. I’ve tried to identify with them. But last night their twitter whining about foreign policy showed me they are as statist as the Republicans and Democrats.

Withdraw your consent? As you twitter to the Library of Congress?
Withdraw your consent? As you apply for car and home loans that are controlled through central banking?
Withdraw your consent? As you trade with the SEC?
Withdraw your consent? As you turn on the lights with the Utilities Commission, DOE, and FERC?
Withdraw your consent? As you stop at a 4-way stop intersection and no one else is around?
Withdraw your consent? When you promote candidates that are working their way through the political ladder?
Withdraw your consent? As you head to your government job and ship your kids to government school this morning?

No. That is not withdrawing your consent. Withdrawing doesn’t work in our representative republic. It only heaps your cares, worries, responsibilities on the rest of us who are choosing to work within the framework (perverted as it may be) to restrict the government’s reach. Heaping on responsibilities just like the Republicans and Democrats. Libertarians are only different in one way.

Rather than participating in the system that is, they pick up their toys and pretend to go home. All under the government eye.