Over the weekend I hit on what I consider a lightbulb.

I was thinking and wondering, while reflecting on so many things, including the faux end to the Chicago Teacher’s Union strike… where was I? Oh. I was wondering about why do so many young people know they want to be teachers? And I was trying to discredit the thoughts of those young people when I found myself justifying the thoughts of the young people that know they want to go into our military. Now, that’s not very fair of me!

Then the lightbulb.

There is no difference between the young aspiring teachers and the young aspiring soldiers. They are all caught up in the energy and promise without any idea of the reality.

As a culture, we send these young people into idealistic settings and then set them free just before the idealism fails to meet reality. We do this while they are young and trusting and too stupid to know what lies ahead.

How many times have I heard, “She doesn’t know what to do so she’s joining the Army.”?

How many times have I heard, “Those who can do and those who can’t teach.”?

Exactly. Countless. Countless times have those two identical statements been made about those two specific sets of young people. We, as a culture, know they indeed lack any experience and we toss them to the wolves. Or terrorists. Or gangs. Or unions. Or president. Take.Your.Pick.

My answer? I don’t have one. All I can do is to help our own five children recognize that they have their own freedom and their own self liberty. Then, if they make choices they eventually hate they have the awareness to take responsibility for keeping their eyes closed rather than witnessing the lies.