Last night my Husband and I went to an evening with my high school classmates. The NCSSM class of 1992 is celebrating our 20th reunion this weekend. I wasn’t going to go because some of my people, including my Husband, were going to be gone and well, they’re so much of me it just wouldn’t be right. To me. Part of those plans changed and we went. And I learned two of my classmates live about 10-15 minutes from us. And have! For a long time. Wow.

“Can you believe it’s been twenty years?” Yes. And praise God from whom all blessings flow that it has been twenty years. And I mean it. It doesn’t feel like it was just yesterday. It feels like Science and Math was EONS ago. And it has been. Again, praise God from whom all blessings flow!

It was a real treat to see these friends. I hope to see and learn more about them in the time to come ahead.

Next random thought.

The public schools really are screwing kids up. And I am certain that private schools and home schools do their share, too. It’s just that with 88% of the school-age population enrolled in public hand-outs, er, education, the public schools get the biggest part of the blame. How do I know the schools are screwing kids up? Well, just google that yourself. But in addition to the search results, I see it. These last many weeks I have been joyfully engaged in helping many students prepare for the SAT I. Many, not all, of these kids are struggling emotionally. They feel like they have no idea what they’re doing with lessons, much less the SAT. Fortunately, I can give them a plan and strategies. But that only helps with the SAT I. What about their lesson work? I can comfort them that this too shall pass. And that is it. With my few study-coaching kids, I can share more. But mostly I cannot. These kids are overworked with petty information. These kids are overworked with competing teachers. These kids are overwrought with anxiety about their place within their graduating class. Who cares? Not me. Not the world. I hate this part of education. It is why I don’t give a flip about posting our 13 years old’s writing on this blog. He is his own person and he will make a difference when he recognizes the significance of the difference. You cannot teach a person something he wishes not to know.

Another random thought.

I really, really, really, like that we live outside a city limit. It means we can have a fire pile of tree tops and stumps burn for a week and no one can do anything about it.


And the last random thought.

I was asked by my most precious friend Elizabeth for a vitamin recommendation for one of her children. But I forgot. Then I remembered just before I wrote this that I needed to write her. And that reminded me to take my vitamins, which I had forgotten this morning. And so I took them. They are really good vitamins that I am fortunate to purchase wholesale. And I swallowed them with sweet tea vodka and cranberry. I think that may have undone the “really good” part of the vitamins. I am OK with that.

I should write Elizabeth now.