The peace of our gray days is starting fade. Just a wee bit. We have yet to see the sunshine at our home this morning. Kids have already been out and helped with animals and scooted around a bit. So it is not like cabin fever. We’re out and about town and the property. It is more like annoyed with one another. I guess. I can’t say I really know. I just know that while we’ve moved through out rhythm like we want, there’s been more bickering than in the past few days. The peacefulness is just fading.

Between helping and knitting and referee-ing, I read the transcript of last night’s Presidential debate, I can see peace fading in the political race as well. Yes, I said peace in the political race. You know…the “we hate him/they hate us” rhythm that has come to define this political season. It is peaceful because it is what everyone expects. Until last night.

Wow. Now. There is video on the transcript link also. And I’ll get to that. Just not today. But wow.

I personally think that reading a transcript removes a lot of the suppositions that body language communicates. I can take my time and re-read statements when I need to. It’s just easy. It lets me take the words for what they are. The words spoken in support of one’s views. Kind of like this blog. Hard to take it back when it’s published. Ask me how I know.

Yes, I’ve read some of the talking head stuff. From all sides, because there are more than two. And it’s interesting. Because the talking heads were not saying what I expected them to say. It was actually, truly, a little, weird. So I had to stop reading because I felt like the world was caving in. There are too many people in agreement that should not be in agreement. Because that kind of agreement is not peaceful in the political world.