Today is a day of nothingness. A full day of rain. Lovely!

But what is nothingness? For me it was no plans to be anywhere at any time nor do anything at any time.

So, I made biscuits with sausage and eggs for breakfast.

Then we sat at the table for a while as I did, well, I actually do not recall now. It was, afterall, about eight hours ago.

When we officially called off our plans to tailgate today, we had lazy, served-on-your-own-desire-to-make-it sandwiches for lunch.

My Husband and a few kids left for the game in the rain. I don’t mind rain. I mind rain and cold. It is 61F outside. I qualify that as cold. So a couple of kids and I stayed home and made a brief trip out for butterscotch drops. And we made oatmeal scotchies, my Husband’s favorite. We mixed the sour cream and best EVER organic onion soup and dip mix for chips and sliced the tomatoes and cleaned and tore the lettuce for grilled chicken sandwiches tonight. We cleaned up the kitchen as we went so it felt like we really hadn’t done anything. There was no timeline and no expectations.

Then I perused a few sale catalogs. I perused a few sale websites. I placed a couple of sale orders. The kids meanwhile watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And well, I figured I might just record this nothingness for posterity. I don’t do nothingness much.

Family returned as a whole. And now, here I sit with 9% battery power on the ipad while my Husband is working a sudoku next to me and the kids are now watching a History channel show about the country’s accents. We did all pause for the pieces on “y’all” and Ocracokers’ own language. We do really yearn to be Ocracokers. Yet we sit here. Doing nothing.

So, the ipad is now at 8% so I suppose I will trade it for knitting. After I refill my water. Maybe.

PS – I finished the post, published it, and then realized that I had also planned the children’s lessons out for five to seven days. That’s kind of something. But I am gonna call it nothing. Because it will probably take them ten to 20 days to complete those lessons…