So, here is an assortment of starts of blogs my brain has created thus far this week. I am not capable of expounding on the ones upon which further discussion may be warranted.

Not-so-great-things come in threes. One would be Sawyer’s innocently beginning virus that now seems to be bronchitis. Another would be Kelly Mae’s freshly broken scaphoid bone. I cannot help but wonder if the third will occur as my Husband crosses the border to return this afternoon.

I am becoming afraid of the dentist. After having a headache for much of the time the past two months, I no longer want to even sit in the office and wait during Reade’s orthodontic visits. And now there is this thing called occlusal equilabration. Shut.The.Front.Door. NOW. Not sure I can go through with this. No matter how nicely the dentist makes it sound and no matter how much he guarantees my headaches will go away, it still just shaving pieces of tooth off. What’s gonna be left?!?

There are tons of excuses in life. I use them, even. I sincerely try not to. My life is the result of the choices I’ve made. It’s the same way for everyone else in this world. We’re all born into some determined circumstance. It’s a choice to stay in that circumstance. Make a change. Don’t whine. Don’t complain. Find a solution and move on.

And lastly, the Chicago teachers striking and the Islamist extremists attacking the US Embassys… They are the same people. Not physically the same people. The same philosophically. They are adults throwing tantrums because they believe that the world must believe and accept their individual opinions. Not.Gonna.Happen. Get over yourselves.