Happy Monday.

This is not what I was going to blog today, but this is what is on my heart. Names have been avoided to protect the innocent.

My heart is heavy for
+ a friend whose father is dying. He is doing it his way which I see as the way we are intended to leave – without a lot of other people’s thoughts on how we should avoid dying. Sanctity in life and sanctity in death.

+ a friend whose daughter has an unknown. I don’t know what else to say except that I imagine it is heartwrenching. I know there is a rainbow, though.

+ a friend who is driving more than she was and seems a little quieter than usual. (and she just called!)

+ an acquaintance who has a lot happening. On every front. All by choice.

+ the Chicago public school parents who are suddenly realizing the government does not actually care that much about their kids and has cast those children onto the streets while its minions take some “me” time. This really is paining my heart even though I do see this is a *good* thing for education and more importantly for the kids. I am hopeful that more than a few families will see an awakening and that more than a few children will take it upon themselves to learn. That is empowerment.

My heart is anticipating

+ a friend who likely gave birth last month, have yet to hear

+ a friend who is due this month with her fifth

+ a friend who has a new girl

+ a few shifts in our daily rhythm

+ escaping our worldly rhythm again soon to enjoy the movement of our Earth

And that’s what I have on my heart and on my mind. Not sure I’ll get to the post about male employers who can’t manage their employees thanks to feminazism. That’s too unpleasant. And will get hatemail.