This morning I ran into town to pick up a kitten from the vet. Sailor had managed to get into the fishing gear and get a fish hook in the paw. Poor fella.

We came home, I watched him reacquaint with his siblings and mom and then decided that at that moment, while the house was still quiet, I would feed the horses. So, wisely, I switched shoes to a pair I wear into the barn and I watered and fed the horses and set hay out in the pasture.

It sounds simple and clean enough. And it can be. But not usually. It does mean walking through gates, or if you’re lazy like me, crawling through fences, avoiding mud, getting hay down from the loft and scattering it in piles in the pasture.

Got the job done. Put away the tools, made sure the feed bins were closed. Then realized what I was wearing.


Good pink shorts and a white linen long sleeved top. Yes. White linen. Oh well. I think it’s still clean.