Well, now. I spent the morning perusing clearance tables and racks and even found a few things worthy of bringing home. Tidied up a bit, prepared for a project, and just before packing the truck to head to a volleyball game to the east, I thought I’d peruse my facebook and feeddler. Well, now.

What an interesting article this article is.

So, I am planning a career change. I am going to become a crystal meth manufacturer.

Since three judges decided it was unjust to ask Texas voters to show ID when they vote, I am going to start manufacturing crystal meth just so I can use my government-required and issued ID.

I will use it to buy the sinus meds for the manufacturing. I will use it to write a check for the sinus meds. And I will use it when accosted by government that thinks keeping sinus meds behind the counter beside the condoms and blood-glucose monitor test strips will keep the nation safe.

PS – If you think I really am going to start making crystal meth, then you are a fool. If you don’t think I will, well…