Some families have lots of routines and rhythms they move through in a season or on holidays that would be called “traditions.” I think our kids (and I) like traditions. It is a way of knowing what is coming next, what to anticipate when I’m busier than usual and my emotions are running high. Kind of grounds the whole home, I think.

But we just don’t have many of them. Things just change. A lot. Be it money or time or patience. Usually the last one.

We do have a few…

I read the opening scene of

    Little Women

during the process of Christmas Eve Day. My Husband reads from a beautiful copy of

    ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

that evening. And many other Christmas rhythms.

We have “Fry Night” for Monday Night Football big games like the first one and when our home team plays and when two really good teams play.

We place bets on who will last ’til midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Birthday mornings mean birthday doughnuts. And we get seven of those!

We eat all green things on St. Patrick’s Day.

We have our own egg hunt at Easter.

We “open” our pond for swimming and everyone rushes in with a big splash.

We “start” our year of lessons on July 4th with the Pledge of Allegiance and then go play for that important day. Because we can.

And we go to the “Not Back to School Pool Party” at an awesome pool with a very large homeschool group to which we belong. And that is what we’re doing today. And the kids (and I) are so very excited!