When I walked into the orthodontist I was asked to sign a “consent to treat a minor” form. This office has seen my son every two weeks for three months but just now they suddenly need permission?

The office can easily blame the government. Every time I sign a form I am giving up a piece of my freedom or the freedom of my children. I am nauseas about it.

After I left the orthodontist, I went to the eye doctor for myself. Well, it had been so long since I’d been that my records had been purged and I had to fill out a book about myself most of which matters not one iota to my eye health. It was pure digging. I left a lot blank and completed the form in as sloppy handwriting as possible.

I have some of the form to share. Not all, because it would share too much on the world wide web.

I’m known for being sassy on forms. This was no exception.