I am just copying what I posted to facebook during lunch today regarding this article.

So. Sick. Of. All. The. Tolerance.

Shut. The. Front. Door. All. Of. You.

“Did you know it is impossible to become an engineer and ‘build stuff’ if you believe in Divine Creation? Bill Nye knows! Wowza. We’d best start tearing things up. Right away. We didn’t build it anyways.”

“Did you know that ALL Christians believe the EXACT same things? Bill Nye knows.”

“Did you know that Christians are prohibited from believing evolution exists? Bill Nye knows that’s true.”

“Did you know that Bill Nye has left science for the guesstimating field of Parental Advice? He has! But no children of his own.”

“Did you know that Bill Nye is so ‘open-minded’ and has such a great awareness and appreciation of humanity that he must bring us this message? However, he calls these horrible Creationists ‘narrow’.”

“Bill Nye says we need ‘scientifically literate voters and taxpayers…” That is the FUNNIEST thing I have ever heard during the first week of public school. Truly. I am aching from laughing so hard.

I posted each of the above in their own status update with the same link.

Shut up, Bill Nye. You are not a parent and your false-science-based advice falls deaf on the ears of those who procreated and choose to actually parent. Whether they are Creationists or not.