Today begins the traditional calendar year for our county’s government schools. Some of the charter schools – aka government schools that parents confuse with private schools – began earlier this month. This is the saddest day of the year to me.

Parents jubliate on social media that they now have their days to themselves or they no longer have to run home during work to make sure the house hasn’t burned down.

Teachers mourn on social media that their pristine classrooms are now soiled and their students are spoiled.

And I am reminded that whenever I’ve asked my government school friends to contribute money, voluntarily to my visit to a used curriculum sale, I hear only crickets. And here my family is again being forced at gunpoint to educate children in a way I believe to be anti-childhood and against the natural unfolding of life, not to mention against my personal philosophy.

There’d be an outcry if we were forced to so openly support a single religion. The right to government “free” education is a religion. What’s the difference?

So, I offer these two timely pieces from Laissez Faire Today.

Slave-based Schooling, Back in Session

Can You Learn with a Gun to Your Head?

Different perspective, huh?

disclaimer: our family has many friends and acquaintances in conventional schools both private and public. I vehemently defend each family’s right to choose whatever kind of life is best for his family. I do not, under any scenario, support compulsory education nor do I like being forced to pay for public education. Both of those are independent from a family’s right to choose. I simply wish more people chose not to force me to provide shelter, because there is no education that a child cannot find for himself, for their children for over 2500 days of the children’s precious life.