I was just now washing and polishing the kitchen sinks and I had a thought. I thought about my post regarding who should have the honor and privilege of voting.

Well, I thought, what about the business entities that own property. Who votes on behalf of those property taxes? Not the business. Not the owner, CEO, or COO or whatever all the alphabet soup options are. If a piece of real property is not owned by a human, then that property does not have representation.

Now this is not a fully developed thought, but I don’t like that a business, which pays all kinds of taxes with each breath it takes to remain healthy not to mention grow in spite of overarching and smothering regulation, should not have representation.

But it does. Towns, cities, counties, commonwealths, states all want business development. It grows the tax base in every direction. So the business really does have representation – through the free market – to move where the atmosphere is most favorable.

And if only property owned by individuals creates an opportunity to vote, well, maybe more individuals would own property therefore creating an atmosphere of greater responsibility.

Sure, there are always loopholes and ways around. This is just a raw thought. Probably induced by the vinegar, salt, and Sheila Shine.

Coming soon after I finish developing the thought…a growing global government model in my (and likely other) communities.