Here in NC, Certified Professional Midwives are still working towards legal status through licensure. Still. And I want them to stop. I want them to stop NOW.

There is no reason to license. None. All licensure will do is place the midwives in the position of meeting state standards of care which are well below the intended purpose of midwifery.

The intended purpose of midwifery is to help moms have babies. That’s it. By helping moms have babies, each mom in her own way, the midwives help to foster a strength and confidence in the mother that is otherwise often ripped from the mother’s heart, mind, and soul when her child is ripped from her womb without so much as a welcome love on the naked breast while the mother and babe are still connected in body (cord). That is the purpose of midwifery – to help moms have babies in their own way.

Yes. All five of our children were born at home and so I know nothing else. And I don’t want to. Just like I don’t want a natural event to become a state standard.

In Nature babies sometimes die. Moms sometimes die. It is what it is. In Nature, babies sometimes are injured. Moms are sometimes injured. It is what it is. Regulating to some normed state standard prevents natural selection, prevents evolution, and prevents a bond that simply doesn’t occur with bright lights and blue paper-plastic donned doctors and nurses eager for shift change.

I’m not telling anyone where or how to have a baby. I am telling midwives who somehow think they’re able to help more women if they’re “legal” is a foolish lie. It only opens the door for them to increase their fees and increase their payment options when insurance reimbursement is an option. Midwifery is a calling. Not a career.