“Back-to-school” makes me nauseas. Seriously. In the very beginning, mid-July, when Office Depot starts it’s ten and twenty cents sales, I’m stoked. But by the end of August when teacher friends post about dreading the day when the kids enter their classrooms and destroy the work they’ve done and when parents are counting down the days til their rid of their kids, I just stay nauseas. Truly. I am NOT making this up.

But, then again, I have to find that damn rainbow my sister has me so inspired to do and here is at least a single ray of that rainbow. What is this link? It’s a link with TONS of links on organizing for school days. Yeah. A lot of them are for conventional schoolers but there are some great ideas for traditional learners like my family, too.

Pour a fresh cup of coffee or refill your water cup. Put in your ear buds, tune into Pandora and pretend it’s already August 27th and browse these links. Because I chose to wait until 1258am the day I was about to drive out of town. Probably not my brightest moment.