More and more I see facebook and twitter posts about the negativity of the presidential and gubernatorial campaigns. Well, I can honestly say I don’t see much of that as I choose not to randomly take in “news” information. No less… it leads me to the following assumption.

There are a lot of folks who just turn off their brains in response to the vitriol and still vote. There are a lot of people who vote the way the ads lead them. There are a lot of people who are given favors such as meals and gas cards to vote. Those are all the people who should not be voting. Regardless of their party leanings…

Again, I offer, that only landowners should be eligible to vote and they should be eligible to vote in every voting district in which they own property. Not just their “primary home” district.

One cannot tell me that with technology such as it is, that this is not possible to make sure each landowner votes once per district, once per state, and once per national election. If we can instantly know the odds of a lottery ticket at any point in time and the where and where the winning ticket was purchased, instantly…we can figure this out.