This is a sassy post. And I’ve no shame in it.

Driving home from taking two of the children to their Science in the Summer session this morning, I looked to the left and saw a beautiful, joyous sight.


The Great Pumpkin is moving out of the gorgeous home called The Manse.

Who is the Great Pumpkin?

She is a woman who in her introductory letter to the congregation mentioned the three most significant moments in her life were 1.) When she had a mass removed from her, 2.) which I actually can no longer remember, and 3.) when she was called on to serve Christ. And her daughter was in the church the first day she preached. But her daughter is not significant. That says a lot about a person whose role is to “serve the congregation in the interim healing process.” She cared less about her daughter, the gift with which God trusted her, and more about a mass of malignant cells without names, faces, or life stories.

She is a woman who when called on to help, ignored, but took all the credit. She is a woman who played into the manipulative roles of Bethany’s Patterson Club, and accepted the “casualties” as dead and not worth reviving. She is a woman who lied about visiting a dying woman and only showed up when the family was at the bedside saying good-bye.

She is a woman full of “I” statements who projects her own worshiping voice above the worshiping voices of others. She is a woman who is wholly caught up in her own presence than in the presence of others worshiping our God with her.

I do not know her heart. That is not my job. I do not judge her heart. That is not my job. I do judge her actions. And that is my job. And fortunately my Husband and I knew that her actions were not the actions that would help us to grow the spiritual health of our family and so we left.

And now, the Great Pumpkin is leaving.

It is not payback. It is comfort.

I am sure that Bethany’s Patterson Club and their minions will do what they can to continue to control their building. And that’s OK. Because I know God doesn’t live in that building. God lives in me. Faith and religion are two separate things. And I thank Christ for that!