Well, now, it’s been quite the full – yet chill – Monday. Science in the Summer and tennis lesson and golf and swimming. I know. Sounds like a privileged brat whining about luxuries. I get it. #1 – I am not a brat whining. I am proud of the opportunities my Husband provides and #2 – I am privileged because I have a Husband who wants for us to have and enjoy these experiences. And you know what? I am gonna keep it up!

So… I have to do my part, right? And that means nourishment. I tossed a round roast in the crockpot with worcestshire (and I am confident this is incorrectly spelled, but I am too lazy to get up and walk to the pantry to check), water, onion, and the most fantastic Organic Onion Soup and Dip Mix EVER. Which, of course I buy in bulk for a fraction of the price that link shows. And I served the beef with a pasta salad with green peppers and tomatoes from our garden made for a family reunion this weekend, and cukes and tomatoes from our garden and others’ of course with vinegar and oil and herbs.

But I am not even writing about dinner. I am writing about this. And it is better than ice cream.

No. I have not made this with greek yogurt. We’ve had this with our yogurt. Our yogurt is made in the crockpot and strained to the consistency of greek yogurt. That may even be what makes greek yogurt. I do not know. I don’t care. It’s so freaking good. Here’s the recipe and you will thank me for it!

And… I can start making it again. Because our refrigerator is finally fixed. It took my getting on the phone and calling Kitchenaid and traveling the country for 38 minutes in transfers to locate the “possibly unattainable part.” I did what the appliance repair company could not do after 5 weeks of trying. Because that’s how I do my part for our family.