On the very day in which I delivered 6 pints of Elderberry Syrup made with organic berries and herbs and local honey and on the same day I divided and distributed 47 of 50 pounds of all organic Super Sprout Flour, I served beanie weenies for dinner. I kid you not.


I wrote to my sister, “I feel like a failure. Even if the recipe is from allrecipes+PRO.” We both laughed.

But no less, I did. We had a party for Reade’s 13th birthday and fed Nathan’s to the youthful masses. And I over-estimated how much kids will eat when in a co-ed setting so we have some leftovers. My Husband suggested I find the “Ultimate Beanie Weenie recipe.” Well, I don’t know that it’s the ultimate, but from the ingredients list, it looked the yummiest. But it had no reviews that I could find on the app and I was too lazy to look on the browser. I was lost. And took the chance anyway. And you know what? It is actually good. And more importantly, the kids ate it and asked for more. I obliged.

So there. I served beanie weenies for the first time in my life. At least that I can recall.