There is still a lot of “tolerant hate” being spread about the Chick-Fil-A thing. Yes, Tolerant hate. That’s the pure hatefulness spewed by those who are demanding tolerance. I just laugh. Ignorance is indeed bliss, as they claim.

I am seeing a shift away, however, from the “let’s hate freedom of speech” debate back to the “let’s hate people who disagree with gay marriage” debate.

Yes. Ignorance is bliss. Especially when there is a whole slew of forgotten ones. The forgotten ones are the folks who don’t give a rat’s ass if a person eats babies, lives in government vestibules, or marries a fencepost. As long as the expense of that choice isn’t passed on to others.

I am only responsible for myself. I am not being held in judgement for anyone other than myself.

Government, as I pointed out in my first amendment one post, has no role in marriage of any kind. ANY KIND. Marriage is a choice, not an inalienable right.

Yes. I am governmentally married. And I wish I were not. When I, not knowing nor understanding the extent of this choice, governmentally married my Husband, I gave the government permission to intercede in my life. I told government that when things did not go my way, it would have to make the decisions for me. I gave government A LOT of power. And now we are trapped. If we decide to divorce, the government declares what happens to us, our children, and our property. We are forced into another bureaucracy to make that happen. Government does not PROTECT marriage of any kind.

Why don’t I governmentally divorce? Read the above paragraph.

Until government – WHO IS US. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT. – recognizes it has NO ROLE in marriage of any kind, nothing will change. It’s the very same choice as poking big needles in newborns, sending toddlers to head start farms, forcing free will kids into one size fits all desks, and expecting government to bail out bad choices. All at the expense of those few who actually pay for those expenses.

Want less government? Want government to stay out of your personal life? QUIT INVITING IT IN. Be your own government. Take care of yourself. And encourage your children and friends to draw up nuptial contracts rather than pay a tax to the government for “permission” to marry.

PS – I am joyfully married and intend to remain so. I only wish it were only with my God’s blessing, not also the government’s permission.