This is an excellent idea for when “life gets in the way” for any parent, not just those of us who learn with our children.

I have to admit, though, that I have two issues with my above statement.

#1 – This is more school-y than I am when life is moving along as expected. Sure, I love to plan it out. When does it go as planned. Well, I’ll share when it does. It hasn’t happened yet so I may collapse in shock preventing my notification. But maybe this is when more school-y would be wise. Just prior to my collapse.


#2 – Life getting in the way? No. Never. Life is what it is. We live by learning and learn by living. Life never gets in the way. I think it is a good thing when the kids see me pushing through my days with a raging headache from an injection-induced hematoma in my jaw or hey – my claim to fame, in a wheelchair with a broken leg at my due date with the fifth child. These are the lessons.

Life does not get in the way. We get in the way of life.