Last December we welcomed into our home a homeless young female. Well, as so many young people who are given a hand up, she turned it into a lifetime of dependence when she got knocked up at about 5 months old. Really.

But with a lot of love, understanding, and attention, she birthed 5 kittens. 3 white, 2 black. The father should be easy to find.

About 3am, Kelly Mae, midwife to the animal world, was “…shaking. It’s like Christmas!” Blackie had laid down beside her on the sofa and had birthed her first three. After I gently scooped Blackie and her babies up and placed them all in her bed, Kelly Mae made a pallet and continued gently encouraging her.

All 6 will be spayed/neutered earlier than the vet-recommended 6 months. Short generations run in families. Ask me how I know.

And I’m going to now put those two freshly-washed sofa cushions in today’s strong sun.