Happy Friday.

After errands (alone!) this morning, we ate a quickie lunch of pimento cheese sandwiches and South Carolina peaches, packed up, and headed to the pool. The pool is a weekday thing. Pond is a weekend thing.

While at the pool, a sweet friend stopped by and chatted with me and suggested a wine. It’s worthwhile to have friends in good places.

So, of course I must pick up said wine and guess what? Our local co-op has it on special and I was going by there anyway so the kids could have something green with dinner. Kale. One of our favorites! Kale, Evodia (the wine), and Ecover dishwashing soap (because the Frontier order shipped 3 days too late).


Just because it is 3:30pm does not mean I cannot enjoy what I bought. So, after I rinsed and chopped the kale and washed a few dishes remaining from lunch, I poured a glass. And yes, this will be a good summer red. It’s quite light and even some peppery. Just right to enjoy on a deck while kids unwind from the chlorine. Aren’t I glad it’s Friday?


Grammatical errors of which I am aware have been corrected. I blame autocorrect. And the wine. 🙂